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Physical Therapy Grand Blanc Michigan - Global Physical Therapy & Spine understand how important it is to maintain an active lifestyle. Our team of experts offers patients of all ages rehabilitation services for a variety of conditions, injuries and physical impairments. Whether you've been injured on the field, are recovering from surgery or simply twisted your back while gardening, we are dedicated to getting you back in the game of life by providing the best Physical Therapy in Grand Blanc, Mi. Our team provides therapy plans and implementation for most medical situations including sports injuries, after a trauma such as a car accident, or after a stroke or other debilitating injury.

Depending on the diagnosis, every patient in need of rehabilitation receives a program tailored to meet his or her special needs. Specialized rehabilitation teams provide treatment in our patient-focused programs. These teams are composed of highly-skilled rehabilitation experts to treat your injuries with the best Physical Therapy in Grand Blanc Mi. We specialize in Physical Therapy, Dry Needling and Neck Pain we are the specialists!

Our team also works diligently with referral and funding sources to help make services readily available, convenient and effective. And we are committed to helping you maintain your recovery by providing follow up programs and exercises that you can follow in the convenience of your own home to maintain optimum health. If you are looking for Physical Therapy, Dry Needling or Neck Pain Specialists in Grand Blanc, Mi contact Global Physical Therapy & Spine!

The rehabilitation team believes that wellness and good health is the result of comprehensive care and attention to quality service. Our goal is to return you to your activities of daily life, whether it is work, home or sports. We are your best choice for Physical Therapy, Dry Needling and Neck Pain in Grand Blanc Michigan. 

Effective, personalized physical therapy treatment

  • Physical Therapy
  • Dry Needling
  • Neck Pain
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Skillfully trained staff
  • Diagnostic Testing

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is stretching and strengthening of weak muscles. People who are in pain can receive Physical Therapy to become stronger, making their pain levels decrease. Physical Therapy may include other elements of healing such as Electrical Stimulation, Anodyne, and Dry Needling. Electrical Stimulation sends electrical impulses through  a specific area of the body. This increases blood flow, healing the muscles. When paired with physical therapy, your muscles are healed and strengthened to eliminate pain. Anodyne uses infrared light against your skin to heal your muscles. During a physical therapy session, Anodyne can decrease pain to a specific muscle. Dry Needling also increases blood flow to targeted muscles. When Dry Needling is paired with physical therapy, muscles are healed and strengthened to alleviate pain. Physical Therapy can help alleviate pain and strengthen muscles.

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